If you are either a student or under the age of 30, you will automatically become a member of the 'Young Greens' when you join the Green Party of England and Wales (remember to give your date of birth when you sign up!)

Stockton & Hartlepool Green Party recognises the importance of young people in politics. According to the British Youth Council, 71% of young people don't feel that political parties speak directly to young people in the lead-up to elections; this is a statistic that obviously highlights a serious issue. To help promote a fairer democratic system, we pledge to use universal language in both our internal and external communications. We also actively promote an inclusive environment to help young people feel included and able to contribute to our work.

Please note that we need to obtain a signed consent form for members under the age of 18 who wish to participate in any Green Party activity. This can be viewed here. Please email for a paper-copy to be posted to your home address with a return envelope attached. Anyone may also ask to see our Young Person's risk assessment which will be provided upon request.

This is our latest Green Party manifesto. It is a declaration of what we pledge to do if we are elected.

Here is a version of our manifesto that is easier to understand.

Our national policies have been proposed and voted on by our members. They outline what the Green Party stands for.

This year’s local election results have been record-breaking. Nationally we have won more council seats than we ever have before in our 50 year history. If you haven't already, there has never been a better time to Join the Green Party.

You also can find out more about the National Young Greens here.