Put simply, the Green Party is growing fast. We now have seats in Westminster, on a record number of local councils, and also the London Assembly. Here at Stockton & Hartlepool Green Party we are working hard to get Greens elected in our local area. We aim to stand candidates in as many elections as possible - it is our view that everyone should have the important opportunity to vote Green.

The Green Party does politics differently. We pride ourselves on breaking-down barriers to political participation; we want to encourage everyone to get involved in what we do. Plus, unlike other parties, the Greens have truly progressive national policies. For example, we have set out achievable plans to work towards an education system that genuinely meets the needs of all students, an NHS which is in public hands, and action on climate change that is proportionate to the threat posed.

The Green Party is not made up of 'career politicians', but instead it is made up of people who are experts in their own fields (such as scientists, teachers, young carers and students). Our national policies therefore consist of meaningful ideas proposed and voted on by our own members - you can read more about them here: https://policy.greenparty.org.uk/.

At a local level, councillors have the opportunity to contribute to the development of local services. It is their job to bridge the gap between the council and their community. As part of the Green Party, our team in Stockton & Hartlepool share a concern for both social and environmental justice. We would like to see Greens elected onto the council to help stand up for where we live. If you are interested in getting involved, please get in-touch.

You're likely to see our team out conducting 'listening exercises' with residents across both Stockton and Hartlepool. This is so we can consider the views of those we represent in order inform our campaigning priorities.

Useful Contacts - Stockton Council:

Care for Your Area, 01642 391959
Anti-Social Behaviour, 01642 608943
Homelessness & Housing, 01642 528389

Street Lighting, 01642 526769
Children and Adult Services, 01642 527764

Useful Contacts - Hartlepool Council:

Customer Services, 01429 266522
Community Safety Team, 01429 523100


This is our latest Green Party manifesto. It is a declaration of what we pledge to do if we are elected.

Here is a version of our manifesto that is easier to understand.

Our national policies have been proposed and voted on by our members. They outline what the Green Party stands for.