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Jeremy Spyby-Steanson: The Green Party Parliamentary Candidate For Hartlepool

We’re pleased to announce that Jeremy Spyby-Steanson has been selected to stand as our candidate for Hartlepool at the next General Election. A ‘Member of Parliament’ (MP) will be elected to represent our area in the House of Commons, and this election is required to be held by January 2025 at the latest.

In Jeremy’s personal statement, he says, “society is very divided, but we are united in ways we don’t realise, like the environments we share and the air we breathe. Recent political scandals have proven just how much our system is in desperate need of change, which is why a vote for me will ensure the status-quo gets challenged”. A Green Party MP in Hartlepool would bring fresh ideas, unite communities around meaningful causes, and heal the pain caused by our current politicians. Every vote for the Green Party helps send a message that there is growing public support for a mode of politics that puts people before profit.

People often tell us that they have lost faith in current politics, and who wouldn’t be after the damage that has been done to society? However, there is hope and the more Greens that we have elected, the sooner we can make a difference to relieve the health and financial stress being felt by so many, all over the country.

Greens propose solutions which are fair to people, are based on the best available evidence, and are kind to the planet where we live. The Green Party wants to see improvements in services such as public transport, energy, water and healthcare – and believes these should be in the public’s hands, making them accountable to the people they impact. Jeremy is a hard-working Green Party campaigner and uses his time to build community-centred initiatives on climate change and social issues. 

Jeremy says, “if we are going to seriously tackle climate change then society must be shaped around care and compassion, not selfishness and greed. The planet will not wait for us to sort out our differences, so we must work hard to get together behind common objectives and empower each other”. The Green Party is gaining momentum throughout the North East where we now have 19 councillors elected, and plan to stand a candidate in every single constituency at the next General Election.

You can read more about Green Party policies here. They have been proposed and voted on by our members.