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Anna-Maria Toms: The Green Party Candidate For Stockton West

We’re pleased to announce that Anna-Maria Toms has been selected to stand as the Green Party candidate for Stockton West at the upcoming General Election. This will take place on the 4th of July

In Anna-Maria’s personal statement, she says, “we all need a greener future. I am nearly half a century old and began campaigning as a teenager, recycling cans and papers at the supermarket. I was actually among the first recipients of a Green Blue Peter badge which I still own.

I have raised 5 boys and a girl and recently became a Nanna to a baby girl. I received a late Autism diagnosis last year. Two of my boys are diagnosed Autistic, and it was the struggle to diagnosis that renewed my political interest where I now focus on SEND issues. 

I am a ward Councillor in Darlington and continue to campaign to save Skerningham from development, and have previously planted many trees across the town with the Darlington Forest Project. I successfully ran a campaign to keep our local bus service when it was threatened with cuts, I believe that all public transport should be publicly owned and accessible to all. I am the Green Shadow cabinet member for Children’s Services and since being elected last year I have enabled change in transition services for 16 to 18 year olds, asked for a review of school transport policies, and encouraged officer and parent carer meetings to work together on improving services. I’m currently working on a comprehensive range of youth services across the town, and asked for a review of the Domestic Abuse policy and SEND strategy.

I firmly believe that we need change now, green growth and acceptance of every resident in our country. We should be future planning for our great grandchildren and ensuring that we do not jump from crisis to crisis without a comprehensive understanding of the earth and nature and the impact of our actions now. We need to work together to endure through climate change and ensure our actions do not further poison our planet.

If given the chance to serve residents in Stockton West, I will put the same commitment, understanding and problem solving skills into the role as I do now as a Councillor. I encourage collaborative working and have strong working relationships with Councillors across the political spectrum, working together we can ensure a Greener future for all of us”.

The Green Party is gaining momentum throughout the North East where we now have 19 councillors elected, and will stand a candidate in every single constituency at the next General Election.

You can read more about Green Party policies here. They have been proposed and voted on by our members.